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Mange is a highly contagious skin disease caused by mites, microscopic parasites that burrow under the skin surface. There are several different kinds of mange, each caused by a different species of mite. In addition to cats, just about any mammal can get mange, as can birds.

A cat with mange looks terrible, and feels even worse. Untreated, mange can kill.

Fortunately, mange is treatable!

before treatment after treatment
Be on the alert for mange: Treatment options: Veterinarians: Why I Started This Page - To Save A Dying Stray Cat:


I am not a veterinarian or any other kind of health practicioner. You should leave diagnosis and treatment to a veterinary professional. If your pet looks sick or injured, you should be on your way to the vet now.

If your veterinarian is unable or unwilling to treat feline mange, or is unsuccessful after one month of treatment, please see If Your Veterinarian Can't Help.

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