Community Action Against Mange

When I had to fight Bandit's case of mange, there was very little information available on the internet about treating cats. Since putting up my mange web site, I have received e-mail from several people in similar situations.

I am adding this page in the hopes that we can help each other, sharing our experience of what works and what doesn't.

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Please Help!

By contributing information, you can help the community build up information about what works and what doesn't.

Please skim the rest of this page and consider sending any similar information that you might have.

Mange is a terrible way to die. The cat you save may be your own!

Ivermectin for Cats

breed age gender dose results side-effects contributor treatment
American long hair 3 years? male .2 mg/kg visible improvement in 1 week no adverse effects Dennis Griesser 2003.07.22
American long hair 3 years? male .4 mg/kg total cure after 3 doses no adverse effects Dennis Griesser 2003.07.26
200 g/kg, SC Sudden death in association with the use of ivermectin in kittens has been reported. Merck Veterinary Manual

Other Treatment

Treatment other than Ivermectin that hopefully results in a cure...

breed age gender treatment results side-effects contributor treatment
series of 6 or 7 lime sulfur baths
lime-sulfur dips at 10-day intervals Merck Veterinary Manual
Amitraz (Mitaban) dips
Amitraz at half the concentration used in dogs nonapproved treatment Merck Veterinary Manual
Organophosphate baths for several months
Selamectin (Revolution) topical medication

Reader Kerry Valenta reports (3/21/2008) that ...what I've found to have helped with mange in my Border Collie is a mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide/Borax and water. Took two-three applications but cleared it right up.

Treatment To Avoid

Used Motor Oil

Used motor oil is an old folk remedy for mange. [It is sometimes called "burned" motor oil.] And it does work.

It works by clogging up the tiny holes in the bodies of the mites that they breath through.

You smear the oil on the animal, and leave it in for 3 or so days.

Unfortunately, used motor oil contains a lot of bad chemicals. Even fresh motor oil contains chemicals that you probably don't want on skin or in your body. It might poison the animal, or cause cancer.

I would avoid this treatment especially for cats, who would lick it off!

If nothing else is working, and you are desperate enough to consider using motor oil, I would suggest a variant of the motor oil treatment: get a tub of Crisco shortning or lard (anything edible and greasy), mix it with something to make it taste bad, and smear that on the animal. It is important to make the grease taste bad. If the animal licks it off, the treatment stops, and the animal consumes huge amounts of fat.

Buying Time

Treatment that probably won't result in a full cure, but makes mange easier to live with - while a real cure is prepared. In medical terms, such treatment is "symptomatic and supportive."

breed age gender treatment results side-effects contributor treatment
American long hair 3 years? male pink lotion skin less crusty in 1 week; probably not a cure sedation Dennis Griesser 2003.07.07
American long hair 3 years? male worm treatment improve overall health no adverse effects Dennis Griesser 2003.07.26?
American long hair 3 years? male fancy food stop or reverse weight loss no adverse effects Dennis Griesser 2003.07.01?

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Information on this page comes from ordinary people, not veterinarians or any other health practicioners. Unless you have no other option, you should leave diagnosis and treatment to a veterinary professional. If your pet looks sick or injured, you should be on your way to the vet now.

If your veterinarian is unable or unwilling to treat feline mange, or is unsuccessful after one month of treatment, please see If Your Veterinarian Can't Help.

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